Electrical Safety Training

Ensure electrical safety in your organisation with electrical safety training that includes arc flash training from Premium Power. We have the expertise and experience to deliver top quality training at your site. Our training is CPD Registered.


Electrical safety training

Premium Power have a suite of training modules suitable for your organisation. We provide training based on a facility’s needs and requirements. Contact us to get a quote for your training needs.

Electrical Safety Experts

Premium Powers’s training is delivered by qualified engineering and health & safety staff and is CPD approved. Premium Power is an Engineers Ireland Certified Training Provider.

Arc Flash Hazard in Electrical Networks

Half Day Training Course for electrical and non-electrical personnel, authorized persons and duty holders.

Electrical Safety Management

One Day Training Course for employers, managers, authorized persons, duty holders and site owners

Essential Electrical Safety & Awareness

For electrical and non-electrical workers as well as authorized persons and duty holders who work in close proximity to live electrical panels.

Legal Duties Relating to Work Involving Electricity

For employers, managers, safety & health practitioners, electrical contractors and principal duty holders




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What is electrical safety training?


Health and safety legislation in Ireland and the UK imposes numerous duties on employers and the self-employed (contractors) in relation to Arc Flash and electrical safety in general. Electrical safety training is the provision of industry standard best practices to experienced and apprentice electrical workers and operatives. Training can be required for any operative who comes into connect with an electrical network. Many facilities and contractor firms are now undertaking advanced electrical training to ensure the safety of their workers and working environment.

Why is electrical safety training important?


Electrical safety training helps prevent potential accidents and fatalities. It educates workers to spot and mitigate against potential electrical faults and accidents. Trained electrical workers will be up to date with the most modern approaches to electrical safety and will be able to contribute to a safer working environment and smoother, more reliable working practices. Many workers who come into contact with electrical networks may not be aware of the dangers posed by electrical arcs and arc flash hazards or how to handle them. Electrical safety training helps dispel some of the myths around the lesser understood electrical dangers and ensures workers can implement the correct safety practices in their own particular environment.

How often is electrical safety training required?


All workers coming into contact with electrical networks should have up to date electrical safety training. Training should be considered if the electrical network is being altered or upgraded. Refresher courses ensure experienced electrical operatives and professionals are on top of the latest health and safety guidelines and best practices.


Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Safety Training


Arc flash safety training quote from ABB

Arc flash safety training quote from ABB


Arc flash training comment from MG Motors


"Our experience in providing electrical safety training in line with the requirements of Safety, Health and Welfare at Work legislation, corporate standards, ETCI Rules and other applicable national, European and international standards, assures our clients that they are meeting their responsibilities in terms of electrical safety of employees. Training and support helps ensure that systems of work are not only effective, but also practicable from the perspectives of both the employer and employee."
Pat MacNally, Compliance Engineer

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