Maintenance Strategy

A reliable plant is a safe plant. A maintenance strategy will help with proper scheduling and implementation of maintenance works will ensure your facility is efficient, reliable and safer. We work with many clients to help develop their maintenance strategy and help with schedule their electrical maintenance works, advise on the latest updates and implement or repair the network where needed.

reduction in downtime by using a maintenance programme
estimated loss in US industry each year due to power failure
drop in productivity due to downtime

We develop a maintenance strategy suitable for the upkeep of electrical distribution equipment in a particular facility and application. Maintenance intervals and tasks will be recommended to ensure that both the MV and LV electrical equipment will facilitate client’s need for an effective and reliable electrical distribution system.

Our Maintenance strategy includes:


Equipment Condition Assessment

Equipment Criticality Assessment

Maintenance Strategy

"The link between preventative maintenance of electrical assets and system reliability and safety is becoming clearer in recent years. A well maintained system is a safe and reliable system"
Barry Nicholson, Electrical Engineer

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